Sunday, 22 April 2012

So high right now bro

Don't you love those days where your body says something along the lines of...

"Hey hope you didn't have anything productive to do today, I'm just going to take you on a little skyrocket ride for, oh, let's see, the whole afternoon. What's that? You're really hungry? Yeah, but look you're actually 22 right now, so maybe hold up for like 6 hours until I decide I'm done touring the atmosphere. What's this stuff you're giving me, insulin? What's that? Yeeeaah, don't think I really mind it, I'm going to hang out up around 20 anyways. You changed out your site, insulin, tubing, reservoir, AND you don't have ketones? Pah, don't care! I'll just keep you up here for just a little longer! In fact, I think I'll probably stay up here til maybe around midnight, right when you want to fall asleep..then I'll most likely want to come back down to earth. Like immediately."

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