Monday, 23 April 2012

Follow up to "So high right now bro"

As you may have gathered from my earlier post today, I was battling some of those unexplained high numbers today. After changing out all my pump apparatuses (apparati?), I corrected a 19.0 at 6:30 only to find myself still stuck up around 20 mmol/L 2 hours later. Watch closely to what happened with my numbers over a period of a few hours: 

9:20 pm      20.8 mmol/L      At this point I "peed on a stick" and had a trace of ketones (0.5mmol/L), so I            corrected with 3.0 units 

10:20 pm       26.5 mmol/L   

11:50 pm      15.4 mmol/L

1:00 am      13.2 mmol/L

This is exactly the pattern you will see when treating ketones! I was excited to see this (not because it meant I had ketones, clearly) but because it is interesting and it was nice to see a predictable pattern after a day of unpredictable numbers. 

The spike (26.5) occurs because the insulin has to first metabolize the ketones in the blood (this is why it takes more insulin to get back down to normal range) before it can begin acting on the sugar in the blood. I'm exhausted after an afternoon of struggling to get my numbers at least close to normal, so I'm leaving the 13.2 now and going to bed!  

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